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In the beginning,
There was soccus, latin for loose-fitting slippers worn by Roman comic actors. While the sock and its utilities have evolved over the centuries, there was still something missing.
There was a void, an absence in that transcendant state of adorning elevated sock attire. It was on the streets of New York City that an idea was born by Co-Founders and sock lovers to address this void, the void that was so visiblly apparent strutting through the concrete jungle. “Fashion turns utility into something so much more personal.”

Zoraab.com was founded in order to provide an alternative to the bland sock lifestyle that is all too common today. We want to address a need to be inspired by, and heed attention to, the details. Socks have been kept white, tubed and monotonous and we're here to challenge the status quo, by becoming your very own sock connoisseur.

Zoraab.com – it's in the details
Instead of the power tie, think power socks. A man’s sock “is like a secret handshake for those who have arrived, and for those who want to.” Zoraab.com offers a variety of socks expertly edited to a variety of personalities & professions: from the athelete to the politician, the artist to the ad exec, Wall Street to professor and of course Silicon Valley. Because who doesn’t like a world with choices. The hand selected collection of styles and brands showcased on zoraab.com include the finest technology from arch support, to custom fabrics including silk and modal amid a bold palette of color and patterns. Take your pick of a crew to no-show, solids to stripes, polka dots to prints (even a mustache print), cotton to fine silk, and bamboo to cashmere.

Sometimes the smallest detail can make the biggest difference.
Zoraab is a content resource for all things stylishsocks. Offering you a curated point of view on the details of the male wardrobe from head to toe. We want to turn what is now perceived as a necessary utility, similar to how the tie had been not too long ago, into a more personalized form of expression. As sock connoisseurs we want to take the stress out of detailed sock fashion. Put your best-dressed foot forward by consulting your “Sock Connoisseur”.

We want to make a difference one sock
at a time.
Socks are the #1 most requested item in homeless shelters across the USA. We believe every sole deserves to be protected from the world's harsh environment. It is after all, our soles that carry us forward.

Find out how you can make a difference one sock at a time. [click here]

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