Harrison Ford & Power socks

Harrison Ford the classic man, with classic style, gets it. It's not just about the power tie anymore, think power socks guys.

While playing the part of angry anchor in Morning Glory, he set the bar for some detailed fashion:

Check out the power tie with the power socks look


The subtle hint of multi stripe accent the blue collar


In these scene, his socks speak to his Monday blues


Blue skies up ahead with these baby blues, gutsy with the purple tie


By far my favorite, a yellow tie with the green/pink stripes, so spring!


And if you don't like Peter Jones, there's always Peter Jones from Dragon Den. The tie, the sock colors complement one another AND the subtle stripes of the suit.  Details, details, details guys.

So take a page out of Harrison Ford's look book or Peter Jones from Dragon Den, and give the power sock look a try - who knows what chance encounters it may lead too...

As always, it's in the details ;)

The sock connoisseur

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