Sock Connoisseur - Fashion Tip #1 "No I don't want your number... or white socks & loafers!

Details please!

Guys, if you're wearing a black suit, with black shoes...then you can't wear WHITE SOCKS. That's a big fashion NO NO.  See Exhibit A:

Exhibit A

Why you ask? Well, when those black pants are pulled up, say when you sit down, or cross your legs, the WHITE SOCKS are exposed, and so is your lack of fashion.

White socks with black loafers is one big fashion faux pas - you might think they won't notice, but 8 out of 10 women will see that you lack a sense of style.

Socks & Loafers Make it work

Not sure what to wear with those black loafers? No problem, try the dress socks at Take a look at the 3 styles I've selected for the summer:

#1 Classic socks & loafers look - Silk Navy Single

#2 Fun socks & loafers look - Modal Lines crew (did I mention how comfortable modal is??)

#3 Fashionably forward socks & loafers look - Bordeaux Blocks dress (and my personal fav!)

Detailed Fashion for the GQ man, even if you don't notice, they will - socks & loafers make it work!

Details, details, details my boys and gals :)

The Sock Connoisseur

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