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  • Harrison Ford & Power socks

    Harrison Ford the classic man, with classic style, gets it. It's not just about the power tie anymore, think power socks guys. While playing the part of angry anchor in Morning Glory, he set the bar for some detailed fashion: Check out the power tie with the power socks look   The subtle hint of multi stripe accent the blue collar   In these scene, his socks speak to his Monday blues   Blue skies up ahead with these baby blues, gutsy with the purple tie   By far my favorite, a yellow tie with the green/pink stripes, so spring!  ...

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  • Meet The Sock Connoisseur

    Spring is in the air! After a yo yo winter weather season, its time to strap on those knee highs (or some sexy crews for you guys) and frolic about your nearest concrete pavement. With Fashion week back in February already telling us what to wear for the Autumn/ Winter season, let's take a moment to rewind to Fashion week back in September 2011. Here are some sock highlights as you begin to think about those sock details for your spring / summer wardrobe: Women Colors: Bright colors, Eggplant, Emerald Green, Mustard and Orange, and as you see below blues...

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