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Lightweight Pink Toes

Lightweight Pink Toes






This Performance Series Lightweight Toesock is designed to offer a sleek and ultra-thin interface performance in any shoe, climate and terrain. The high-knit count enables the thin fiber to remain durable. The Performance Series is engineered with Injinji's patented AIS Technology and built with superior fibers to keep feet dry, cool and comfortable. The fibers of this canyon pink no show toesock include CoolMax which wicks away moisture, Nylon which dries quickly and Lycra which retains shape.

Additional features

Patented 5 toe seamless design

    • proper toe alignment for natural feel

    • superior moisture management

    • strengthens muscles in foot

    • protection from blisters and hotspots

    • no bunching or sagging

    • better gripping and balance

Patented AIS Technology

    1. Anatomical 5 Toe Design - properly aligns toes, prevents skin on skin friction

    1. Arch Support - mid foot stability, eliminates bunching

    1. Vector Heel - precision stitching for custom fit prevents slipping

    1. Dual Welt Band - holds sock in place

The human foot has toes to facilitate proper balance, posture, stability and grip however the conventional tube sock works against your natural form. By providing a restriction free environment, your toes are able to become activated, increase dexterity, and perform as they were intended just like being barefoot. Enable your entire foot to perform naturally and efficiently from your heel to five toes inside your shoe!



    • 75% Coolmax, 22% Nylon, 3% Lycra

    • Style #011110-CYP

    • Made in China


US Sizes Small Medium Large
Men 5-7.5 8-10.5 11-13
Women 6-8.5 9-11.5 12+

*Large size not available in this style


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